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Powertek Hockey Jersey Garment Bag

$24.99 CAD

The Powertek Hockey Jersey Garment Bag is available in two different sizes, and are able to hold 2-3 jerseys or a full team set of jerseys. It offers protection for your jerseys, and also has a ventilated strip down the front to let out moisture and odours! Rather than lock in and trap odours, the ventilation system lets your jerseys breathe and air out. The team jersey bag is perfect for road trips, whether it's by car, bus, or plane. Please note, as with all brands, only the individual garment bag has the ability to fold; a team set of jerseys is far too big and bulky, and cannot be folded. Only the individual bag has the bottom strap.

  • Transport your hockey jerseys to and from the rink in style.
  • Perfect bag to protect game jersey or street clothes.
  • Built-in strap to hang jerseys.
  • Ventilated.
  • Heavy-duty stitching & zippers.
  • Powertek Model V3.0 Garment Bag.
  • Sizes available:
    • Player: hold 2-3 jerseys
    • Team: holds an entire team set of jerseys