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Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deodorant Review

Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deodorant Review Howdy! Hope the season’s going well as you wind down and enter playoffs, and hope that summer hockey is going to be a good one for the rest of you on that part of the year! On today's blog post, we’ve got the Clap Balm review – a hockey hand deodorant that helps kill that unwanted smell we get after playing a game with our wonderful smelling mitts.  While a lot of us probably don’t mind the aroma of Eau de Hockey Glove, every loved one that has to take a sniff, or every poor fella that’s going to have to shake your hand – they probably mind just a wee bit! The Clap Balm is a simple...

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Buttendz Twirl88 Stick Grip Review

Buttendz Twirl88 Stick Grip Review Buttendz has recently launched their Twirl88 hockey stick grip grip, a successor to their popular Twirl line. Working with NHL All-Star and Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane, they looked to produce a grip with a texture most similar to a twirled tape job. Those who read our last blog about hockey grips will be familiar with my tastes (read here for an introductory review on hockey grip products).  The resulting Twirl 88 grip feels like the love-child of Tacki-Mac’s Pro Kane Command Grip and Buttendz grip products, resulting in a texture I adore combined with the puck-feel and pass-dampening properties Buttendz are known for.  First Impressions The new formulation of Buttendz feels more durable, but has a bit...

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Adrenaline Powerfoot Performance Skate Inserts Review

Adrenaline Powerfoot Performance Skate Inserts Review Welcome to blog post number two for Max-Performance Sports, your local hockey shop in Vancouver, BC! Today, we’re reviewing the Adrenaline Design Powerfoot Performance Skate Inserts. These are a simply a foam insert that adhere to the top of your the toe box of your skate, reducing negative space, and applying light pressure to the top of your feet in order to improve foot stability and skate performance. The product’s purpose is simple, yet innovative. We’re often so preoccupied with how the quarter package, steel, holder, laces, and tongue of the skate perform; we overlook one of the areas that provide the most unnecessary movement in the skate - the toe box. By applying just...

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Nash Custom Hockey Skate Wraps Review

Nash Custom Hockey Skate Wraps Review Welcome to the blog! I’m Jeremy, your equipment reviewer, and we’ll be covering a whole host of product here at Max Performance Sports & More. These blog posts will involve long-term reviews of the product we carry, with personal opinions and tips and tricks sprinkled throughout. Let’s get started! We kicked it off this week with the Nash Skate Wraps. These are a set of hockey shot wraps that provide protection from shots through a custom-molded, impact-resistant Lexan shell. This is perfect for those players looking to get better protection out of their skates, whether to protect yourself better blocking shots, or giving you the peace of mind to play your best game without worrying...

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