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Hockey Skate Heel Tendon Repair Service

$35.00 CAD

Bring your skates down to our Vancouver repair shop and have our skate doctors perform our Hockey Skate Heel Tendon Repair Service to fix your broken or ripped heel tendon guards. Often times, the "big shops" will just encourage you or tell you that you need new skates if your heel tendon guards are broken, but they can't do what we can!

We play the game and know the game, so we know what it's like when you have a pair of skates broken in and love them (and don't want to break in new skates!). We will take your broken heel guard, restructure it, and sew it with skate leather. While the repairs will never look factory, we have various colours of thread to match up with your skates and always try our best to provide a functional, practical repair yet a solid looking job visually.

  • Volume discounts available if doing multiple heel tendons at once
  • Includes all materials and labour

Ship us your gear or stop in to our Vancouver store to have your broken or ripped skate tendon guard fixed!