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edge-again-figure-skate portable-figure-skate-sharpener

Edge Again Manual Figure Skate Sharpener

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The Edge Again manual figure skate sharpener is a non-motorized figure skate sharpening device that sharpens all four sides to restore two perfect edges. Simple to use but highly-effective with it's patent-pending Diamond Tusk Technology makes this invaluable to any figure skater's bag. Perfect for competitions and practices alike, this device will ensure any figure skate won't miss any time due to poor edges! With it's diamond coated tusk technology,  Edge Again can be applied directly to a dry or wet blade, right at the boards, without having to miss a moment of your critical warm-up. With little effort, apply the Edge Again directly to the area that has been damaged, and takes no training or hard work. Price includes the device itself and one Diamond Coated Tusk. Made specifically for figure skating!

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