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Crep Protect Crep Cure Travel Kit Set

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The Crep Protect Crep Cure Travel Kit Set is the ultimate cleaning kit when it comes to a shoe cleaning kit, as well as other sporting goods. Crep Protect created their own cleaning solution from scratch and created a brush that is suitable for any and all shoe materials. Everything was done with a purpose in mind, and that's to keep your shoes perfectly clean and fresh.

The Crep Protect Crep Cure Travel Kit cleaning set is designed to clean deeply without affecting the look, feel, and shape of your shoe in any way. Made of 98% natural ingredients, including coconut extracts, water, and jojoba, and using short and soft brush bristles, the Crep Protect Crep Cure set really takes care of your shoes the way you always have. This Crep Protect cleaning kit comes with a brush, cleaning solution, microfiber cloth, and a case, giving you a total cleaning solution for your shoes and other items.

Simply follow the directions to spray your item and let the magic begin with this protective spray from Crep Protect. Max-Performance Sports, located online and in Vancouver, are a proud authorized dealer of Crep Protect products. Available in Vancouver or online.

  • Works well on Nubuck, Suede, Canvas, Nylon, Mesh, Fly Knit, and Fleece
    • Do not use on leather
  • Great on shoes but great for cleaning white hockey gloves!
  • The Crep Cure Travel Kit includes:
    • 1x 100ml Cleaning Solution
    • 1x Premium Hair Brush
    • 1x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
    • 1x Compact Zip-Up Case