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BlackEdge CCM ePro Black Steel Skate Runners

Regular price $119.99 CAD Sale price $79.99 CAD

BlackEdge CCM ePro Black Steel Skate Runners are premium black DLC coated steel for CCM ePro holders. BlackEdge black steel has an extremely loyal following from minor hockey players to beer league players to NHL players, such as Brad Marchand. BlackEdge CCM ePro Black Steel Skate Runners provide you with more power, more speed, and better edge control to achieve your desired performance.

According to TSLab's testing, the surface hardness is 3x superior to that of regular steel and reduces friction with the ice by approximately 20%! Additionally, carbon-coating does not alter the weight of the blade and keeps your steel light. The technology is patented in both Canada and the USA. While the cost is higher than traditional replacement runners, you will pay them off in no time with fewer sharpenings due to the technology providing superior edge retention and nick resistance. 

  • Made in Canada
  • 10' Radius/Profile
  • Will fit exactly the same as original steel, but better performance
  • Features premium Diamond-Like Carbon Coating (DLC)
  • Does not add weight to runners
  • Includes two runners (1 Pair)
  • Will fit seamless into the correct holders
  • Compatible with:
    • CCM ePro Holders
  • Note: these will not fit CCM 4.0 Speedblade holders.

Buy your BlackEdge CCM ePro Black Steel Skate Runners today in Vancouver or online to cut through the ice like never before!