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Wet Gear Sports Equipment Metal Dryer Rack

$59.99 CAD

Keep all of your gear and equipment organized in style with this easy-to-manage and durable Wet Gear Sports Equipment Metal Dryer Rack. You won’t need any tools to put this rack together, and the sturdy steel construction won’t let you down no matter how many coats, jerseys, sticks and pads you pile on it. It's perfect to hang all your gear after a hard session on the ice, on the field, or any where else!

From thousands of gear drying sessions and research, we heavily suggest using Sport Clenz to spray your gear first before hanging. As soon as you get home, spray your equipment with a good dosage of SportClenz, and then proceed to hang your equipment and undergarments. It will kill any bacteria on your gear helping keep infection away while also reducing foul odors.

  • Solid, easy to assemble construction.
  • Helps dry your equipment quickly and keep it organized.
  • A great gift idea.
  • Durable, high-quality metal construction.


    Say goodbye to gross sports equipment with this Wet Gear Sports Equipment Metal Dryer Rack!