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True XC9 ACF Grip 40 Flex Junior Hockey Stick

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The True XC9 ACF Grip 40 Flex Junior Hockey Stick features all the same great technology found in $300 senior model sticks, the first of it's kind to offer this technology in a 40 flex junior hockey stick.

The compressible urethane XCORE insert produces more puck spin on contact for a flatter puck trajectory that delivers pinpoint shooting accuracy. The stick's optimized stiffness profile, alongside its improved swing weight equals a responsive kick point that drives powerful shots. This is truly a "shooter's stick" and is intended to help youth get the most out of their shot to light the lamp.

Max-Performance Sports in Vancouver, BC is a proud authorized dealer of True Hockey. We carry a full lineup of sticks, shafts, gloves, and accessories.

  • Brand new 2020 model.
  • SmartPly construction layers unidirection carbon for ultimate balance and strength.
  • Axenic technology creates an ultra consistent true one-piece construction.
  • Xcore blade provides more accurate shots.
  • BRT blade technology is up to 50% stronger than predecessor.
  • 100% Full 3K carbon twill weave.
  • Height: 52"
  • Grip: Matte Grip.
  • Flex Point: Mid-Flex Point with SmartFlex Technology.
  • Flex: 40 Flex.
  • Curves Available:
    • MC (Kane)
    • TC2.5 (Marner)
    • TC4


Grab your 40 Flex True Hockey stick in Vancouver or online today!