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True Hockey Skate Shift Holder

$44.99 CAD

The True Hockey Skate Shift Holder is one of the most elite skate holders in the game of hockey today. With an all new-design saving 40 grams of weight and no need to buy left and right holders any longer, the Shift holder delivers on all levels.

True's all-new BenchChange Technology allows players to swap out broken or damaged steel in seconds. BenchChange Technology also completely eliminates the hassle of using a magnetized blade change tool in order to re-engage the steel installation process. Simply use their new True Skate Pocket Screwdriver by feeding it through the blue mechanism to release the steel. When you're ready to swap, line up your new steel and pop back into place!

With True's new Shift Skate Holder, you don't have to buy a left or right holder either. Included in their new design was universalizing the shape so that it can fit on either skate. This makes team purchases or individual backups much more convenient.

  • Genuine True Shift holders.
  • Highly impact resistant.
  • Fits left and right skates.
  • Sold individually
    • Skates and runners not included, 1 holder per purchase only.