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Trainer's Tape and Foam Underwrap Combo Pack

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Our Trainer's Tape and Foam Underwrap Combo Pack includes a roll of North American Trainer's Tape and pre-taping foam underwrap.

What is referred to as "trainer's tape" is used most often in body related applications, since this type of tape usually comes into contact with the skin, one of the tape's components should be an anti-irritant. North American Trainers Tape features a bleached 100% cotton cloth backing and a zinc-oxide based adhesive. The product is wound with extreme care and packed in highly protective cartons in order to maintain a smooth, easy and consistent unwind from start to finish.

Zinc-oxide was widely used during the early war years as a packing for bandages and its use in a preventive role is continued today. Some athletes suffer rash or skin disorders thought to be brought on in certain cases by the reaction of body perspiration in concert with some part of the equipment used or worn by the individual. In some cases, a loose layer of tape containing zinc-oxide under the equipment has alleviated this problem. Trainer's tape is usually a bleached cotton which provides a clean, antiseptic appearance.

There is one basic reason a therapist may choose to use an underwrap in conjunction with an athletic tape. To prevent direct contact of the trainers tape adhesive and the athelte's skin. There are a number of possible reasons for this. For example, putting tape directly on an unshaven leg can cause a lot of discomfort when it's time for the tape to come off. In addition, the aggressive nature of the adhesive may causes minor irritation on some people when applied directly to skin and worn for an extended period of time. Finally, moisture (i.e. sweat) cannot get out and oxygen cannot get in.

  • Tape size: 38mm (1.5") wide x 13.7 M long
  • Kit Includes:
    • 1 Roll of North American Trainer's Tape
    • 1 Roll of Foam Underwrap (your choice of color)