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Top Shelf Targets Magnetic Net Tethers

$14.99 CAD

These 4-pack of Top Shelf Targets Magnetic Net Tethers are used to keep the Top Shelf Targets within easy reach and not falling to the ground. The tethers are made from durable paracord with aluminum clasps to keep your targets off the ground. Loop the tethers through your targets and around the goal frame. When you knock targets down, targets stay within easy reach so you can easily reset and shoot again. Your targets will also stay in mint condition because they won't scrape on the ground each time you knock them off. They are easy to setup and make a world of different for serious hockey and lacrosse players! No more sore backs from bending over to pick up targets off the ground! These are a "must-have" accessory for your Magnetic Shooting Targets (targets sold separately). 

  • Once you hit targets they can be reset on the post.
  • Quickly and easily reset your targets. Spend more time shooting and less time resetting.
  • Great for coaches during practices.
  • Extra Durable Paracord.
  • Firm Hold.
  • Easy to setup, easy to take down, light-weight and portable.
  • Approved for use in freezing weather conditions.
  • Compatible with all Top Shelf Targets products.
  • Each purchase includes 4x Specialized Tethers.

      Grab your 4-pack of Top Shelf Targets Magnetic Net Tethers today in Vancouver or online!