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Tandy Leather Regular Perma-Lok Needle

$7.99 CAD

The Tandy Leather Regular Perma-Lok Needle is a solid brass threaded-needle perfect for relacing small parts on your equipment. This is the "regular" model from Tandy, and is intended for quite small lace, not super thick lace or leather. While we sell and use this parts primarily for hockey equipment, it's also super useful on baseball gloves and lacrosse heads.

The needle is a Perma-Lok 2" solid brass needle, extremely strong and durable. The 2" size is important for the glove as you don't want an over sized needle when potentially working in the tight spaces of a goalie glove. One of the end the needle is pointed for threading, the other end is open and threaded just the right size allowing you to twist your lace into. The size of hole is intended for 3/32" (0.2 cm) and 1/8" (0.3 cm) lace, cord, etc. You can use larger materials, but you'll need to cut or shave the ends down to fit it in the needle.

  • Flat point for easier work with chisel slits.
  • Blunted tip that won't snag and allows for easy threading.
  • Solid Brass needle.
  • Sharper threads for super tight hold.
  • Lacing will not pull out of needle.
  • Threads in seconds, no hooks to break.
  • Amazing needles that almost never wear out.
  • 2" long.
  • Brand: Tandy Leather
  • Model: Perma-Lok Needle
  • Tandy Leather Model Number: 1193-01