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Swedish Wood Stickhandling Ball and Off-Ice Training Puck Combo

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The Swedish Wood Stickhandling Ball and Off-Ice Training Puck Combo is a highly effective combo pack to elevate your game by training off the ice. While extremely budget-friendly, this off-ice training aid pack is the ideal solution to work on your hands and stick handling skills away from the rink.

While simple, the Swedish Wood Stickhandling Ball is one of the most effective ways to practice and develop your hockey stickhandling skills. This training aid is the tool that many professionals use to develop rapid quick hands. Grab the ball, practice ten minutes a day on any surface in the house, driveway, or anywhere else to develop soft, silky hands!

The off-ice dryland puck is perfect for sliding on most services and allows the puck to slide quickly and easily, unlike a real hockey puck.

  • Made in Canada.
  • Develop lighting fast hands with the wooden stickhandling Ball - used as a Swedish hockey training aid.
  • Stick Handling Puck slides easily on nearly all smooth surfaces.
  • Ideal for Indoor stickhandling practice.
  • Puck is intended for stickhandling, not shooting.
  • Wooden ball: 2 inches in diameter
  • Training puck: 3 inches in diameter