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Step Steel True One-Piece Goalie Skate Runners

$159.99 CAD

True Hockey’s, formerly VH, 1-Piece goalie skates offer unmatched response and control, and these Step Steel True One-Piece Goalie Skate Runners in the composite built holder give goalies the best possible edge to react and recover in the crease. Step Steel has been producing the highest quality made in Canada steel runners for years and have earned a reputation for offering the best steel on the market. For this reason, True has partnered up with Step Steel making it the official steel runner provider for all True Hockey Skates. These Step Steel Runners are compatible with the 1-Piece Goalie Skates and are 4mm in width. Many goalies find that due to the extreme responsiveness of the 1-piece boot and holder they would sharpen these skates with a shallower hollow, while getting the same power as a deeper hollow. 

  • Made in Canada.
  • Made with high quality Swedish stainless steel.
  • Flawless side finish for superior edge quality and durability in the crease.
  • Pitch corrected profiles with no lumps or flat spots.
  • 4mm blade width.
  • Includes two runners (1 Pair)
  • Compatible with:
    • True One-Piece Goalie Skates

Buy your Step Steel True One-Piece Goalie Skate Runners online or in Vancouver today!