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Stable 26 Hockey Socks

Regular price $34.99 CAD Sale price $24.99 CAD
Stable 26 hockey socks improve the stability of the rear foot for a better fit, improved comfort, and superior performance resulting in a new level of connection between you and your skates. Get better edge control and weight shift for faster, more agile performance on ice. Never endure skates that fit poorly again! Max-Performance Sports and More is your #1 source for Stable 26 Hockey Socks in Vancouver!
  • Breathable ergonomic nylon
  • 2mm and 4mm medial and lateral silicone pads included with each pair
  • Two color choices available:
    • Black 
    • White
  • Internal pad colors depend on size (please see sizing chart)
  • Replacement pads also available. Click here for the additional Stable 26 Custom Fit Pack.

“Fit and stability is so important for me. Stable 26 technology has given me the comfort in my skates to perform at the highest level.”

- Erik Karlsson, NHL/Olympian

“Stable 26 socks give me that added edge in performance and there is nothing compared to this sock on the market! I'm so excited to join the Stable 26 roster!”

- Jonathan Drouin, NHL, Tampa Bay Lightning