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sonic-turbo-wash-bearing-cleaner-system sonic-turbo-wash-laundry-machine-for-skate-bearings

Sonic Turbo Wash Bearing Cleaner System

$21.99 CAD

The Sonic Turbo Wash Bearing Cleaner System is basically a laundry machine for your skate bearings! This system makes bearings shine for a faster, smoother roll on any surface. Not only does this maintenance prolong the life of your bearings, it also helps them spin like new. Your bearings stay suspended in the strainer tub, while the dirt sinks to the bottom. Once you're done, you can use the Sonic Super Oil to lubricate your bearings if needed.

  • Washes up to 16 bearings at once.
  • Comes prefilled with Citrus cleaner!
  • Also cleans bicycle components, radio control parts, and more.
  • Once empty or completely dirty, you can top up with the Sonic Citrus refill.
  • Full instructions on the back of the bottle.
  • Important Notes:
    • Always let bearings complete dry before lubricating your bearings.
    • If bearings are extremely dirty or have dried grease, use toothbrush after soaking.
    • Solution can be used more than once and dirty cleaner can be filtered paper towel or coffee filter.

              Clean your rollerblade bearings and make them spin new again with the Sonic Turbo Wash Bearing Cleaner System!