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sonic-skate-sk8-wax wax-for-curbs-sidewalks-ledges-vancouver

Sonic SK8 Wax

$7.99 CAD

Sonic SK8 Wax is formulated with premium grade wax and infused with Teflon and silicone for ultra-slick grinds, and has plastic pellets mixed in to increase its longevity. This wax will turn any and all ledges, curbs, and more into launch pads. Environmentally safe and made in the USA, this wax will turn any grinding surface into a launch pad! That sweet blueberry scent is just frosting on this wax cake.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Premium grade wax is hard and fast.
  • Teflon infused, fills gaps.
  • High melt temperature so wax stays put in hot weather and won’t crumble. like grocery store wax
  • Blue color bar with a blueberry scent.
  • Includes 1 bar per purchase.
  • Sonic Model Number: 20020

Buy your Sonic SK8 Wax to create your own ultra-slick launch pads today!