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Sonic Rollerblade ABEC5 Bearings

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The Sonic Rollerblade ABEC5 Bearings offer a good quality bearing without breaking the bank. They are a reliable, solid roller blade bearing offering great value. Unlike many other brands, Sonic uses stepped inner races and non-contact rubber seals to prevent dirt and debris from getting inside, which extends the life of your bearings dramatically. Sonic also uses premium 52100 chrome steel from Japan that maintains its high-level of performance at all levels of play.

These are the ideal bearings for nearly all rollerblades as well as Marsblades. We stock a full selection of rollerblade accessories and parts in Vancouver store as well as online.

  • Premium 52100 chrome steel from Japan.
  • Pre-lubricated with Sonic Super Gel.
  • Removable rubber seals for easy cleaning and lubrication.
  • Size: Standard 608
  • Manufactured by world-famous Sonic Sports.
  • Each kit includes:
    • Sixteen (16) Sonic ABEC5 Bearings

          Buy your Sonic Supersonic Rollerblade ABEC5 Bearings in Vancouver or online today!