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Ring-Jet 500 Ringette Stick

$129.99 CAD
The Ring-Jet 500 ringette stick is a revolution for shooters. The Ringjet 500, with the new ribbed tip, offers terrific power, whip and accuracy and will change your shot on the ice forever. Ring Jet 500 suits the greatest range of playing styles and suits many ringette players. While it can be used for younger ages, the Ring-Jet 500 is recommended for players over 14 years old. Ring-Jet's unique Vented Core allows added flex for improved accurate, harder shooting.
  • Vented Core: Unique to Ring Jet. Keeps stick light
  • Two-part wood shaft on Aspen Centre and Birch stiffener strips: Provides good flex for improved shooting
  • Fiberglass sidewalls: For added support
  • Ribbed Tip: high density engineered co-polymer: Maintains tip integrity; keeps its full shape longer
  • Tip is secured by 1⁄4" dowel, fiberglass wrapped and epoxied: Ensures tip will never fall out and adds additional strength
  • Length: 55"
  • Warranty: 30 day unconditional replacement breakage guarantee.
  • Max-Performance Sports & More is your exclusive Ring-Jet 500 ringette stick provider in Vancouver, BC