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Proguard Rubber Pond Hockey Ball
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Proguard Rubber Pond Hockey Ball

$7.99 CAD

The Proguard Rubber Pond Hockey Ball is great for the basement, carpet, street hockey, or out on the frozen pond (ODR season!). The soft rubber construction is different from most hockey balls you may be used to. It’s bigger, with a 3.5” diameter, and to the touch feels more like a mini-kickball.

The beauty of the design is two-fold: it forces players to use proper stick fundamentals and feather their passes and stickhandling, while also teaching them to roll their wrists to spin the ball similar to how they would with a puck. Secondly, the rubber design does not hurt on impact and can be used indoors if you so choose. Finally, unique to the Proguard Rubber Pond Hockey Ball is that it’s inflatable so you can decide how hard or soft you want it to be. Choose hard for faster play or soft to work more on fundamentals

  • Great for pond or street games.
  • Hollow ball doesn't hurt, can use the whole net in a pond/street game without fear of injury.
  • Inflatable.