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Proformance Hockey PF Performance Base Wax

$14.99 CAD

The Proformance Hockey PF Performance Base Wax is an elite level hockey stick wax, and the first step in the ProFormance Hockey Waxing process. PF Performance Base acts to prevent snow and ice from building up on the stick blade while providing a waterproofing layer of protection for the tape, meaning your tape will perform better and last longer. This PF Performance Base wax can be used by itself if you are looking to protect your stick and tape with minimal tackiness, otherwise you can apply this first before adding another ProFormance wax if you want more grip.

All ProFormance Hockey Waxes are formulated and manufactured for specific-sport use. What this means is that our hockey waxes are formulated specifically for the ice! While other waxes on the market are made of generic paraffin wax, we use proprietary formulas to create our waxes ensuring the highest-quality and longest-lasting products on the market. When you use ProFormance Waxes, you will feel The ProFormance Difference.

  • Made in the USA
  • White
  • Can be used alone for minimal tackiness or applied first before using Pro Control, Max Control, or Stik Grip over top!
  • Twist up style
  • 90 grams