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Piranha Peg Hockey Net Pegs

$169.99 CAD

Tired of the old steel rink pegs sliding out of position? Piranha Peg Hockey Net Pegs will lock down the net, keeping the game moving! The Piranha Pegs feature three stainless steel spikes designed to aggressively bite into the ice. There is no hole alignment necessary, simply smack them into the ice and you are ready to play.

Usage and Instructions: The installation of the Piranha Peg is quite simple. For BEST results, place the Piranha Peg in the palm of your hand and engage the spikes into the ice 5-6 times to ensure the base of the peg is flush to the ice. Affix the goal post on to the pegs evenly on both sides to ensure the net is resting on the goal line and ready for play. DO NOT PUT PEGS INSIDE POST AND DROP ONTO ICE, SPIKES WILL NOT ENGAGE ALL THE WAY INTO ICE (this is the old-school way of engaging shallow single pegs). Each Piranha Peg needs to be spiked into the ice by hand, allowing the spikes to set into the ice for maximum result. Make sure the Piranha Peg base is flush to the ice before setting the goal net on top of the peg.

  • Quarter inch steel plate.
  • Stainless steel pegs.
  • Hardened Styrene-Butadiene Rubber for high durability.
  • Smaller peg – bigger bite!
  • Tapered top for quick loading.
  • Designed in North America. Built to last at a price you can afford.
  • Brought to you by the same crew that builds and sells Edge ProTech around the world!
  • Made to fit 2" full-size goal posts.

      Get your Piranha Peg Hockey Net Pegs today online or at our store located in Vancouver!