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palmskinz-glove-repair PalmSkinz Hockey Glove Palm Repair

PalmSkinz Hockey Glove Palm Repair

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Palmskinz, by Chameleon Sports, will fix your ripped hockey glove palms with Nash hockey palms without having to pay or wait for a full glove re-palming. PalmSkinz are sheets of the same Ivory Nash palm material that is used on most player gloves Goalie Accessoriesand goalie blocker palms but with an aggressively-tacky adhesive backing.

Palm repair is now as easy as cutting the shape you need, peeling the backing off and sticking it your glove just like a sticker! No more need for long wait times or shipping expenses while you wait for your glove palms to be repaired. Finish your entire palm or only a section with these easy to use PalmSkinz! 

  • Designed with the Ivory Nash Palm material
  • Adhesive backing for easy application
  • Not permanent and completely removable
  • Mini PalmSkinz will give you enough material to cover 1 entire palm
  • Model: PalmSkinz Mini
  • Size: 9" x 7.5"
  • Quantity: 1 Sheet
  • Manufacturer: Chameleon Sports

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