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sportmate-pro-odor-absorbing-pouch naturzaire

NaturzAire Sportmate Pro Odour Absorbing Pouch

$14.99 CAD

Take care of all your sports-related odors with SportMate Pro Odour Absorbing Pouch! Ideal for use in sport bags, hockey bags, lockers, changing rooms or wherever sports equipment is stored. In addition to being an effective and safer means of controlling odors and absorbing moisture, all of the NaturzAire family of products are unique in the marketplace as they are reusable, non-toxic, unscented and environmentally friendly. 

Positively charged odours (like those from pets, food, cleaning products, etc.) are attracted by the attracted charged granules where they get trapped (ionically) in the millions of cavities inside the pouches. Heat from the sun for a day will release the odours and moisture from the granules so that they can be reused over and over again keeping your gear fresh!

Max-Performance Sports in Vancouver, BC is a proud authorized dealer of NaturzAire products including the SportMate Pro. If you're in Vancouver, please be sure to visit our store for a full selection of NaturzAire products!

  • Made in Canada
  • SportMate Pro pouch gets rid of smells in shoes, skates, cleats, hockey gloves and all kinds of sports gear
  • Sportmate can remove both the odour and moisture from all of your family's sports equipment
  • You can also use the pouches to prevent fungus and other nasty growth
  • Reduces wear and tear on your hockey gloves and shoes to extend the life of your equipment
  • The fabric used is certified organic cotton, free of fire retardants and other chemical treatments
  • The paper used is 100% post-consumer waste, non-chlorine bleached and processed, in part, by wind power
  • Package includes 1 Sportmate Pro Odour Absorbing Pouch (large pouch)
  • Instructions: Place one SportMate Pro pouch in your equipment bag or gym locker; leave in place for approximately 1-3 months. When an odor is noticeable place the pouch outside in the direct sunlight for 8 hours (or in the fresh air for a few days) to recharge. Once recharged, you can reuse SportMate Pro over and over again.