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Nash Pro Open Goalie Mask Harness

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Th Nash Pro Open Goalie Mask Harness is the ultimate solution where you want to show more of your goals mask backplate. With the money spent on a custom paint job, it's worth showing off and having people see the sick artwork. It's a five point harness strap-style system that will fit on most helmets, and will not scratch your helmet at all. The straps basically are built so the end of the strap loops back through the leather piece and attaches to itself.

  • Made in Canada
  • Replacement harness for goal mask (harness is also known as a helmet backplate strap)
  • Pro quality and classic feel
  • Soft, comfortable elastic strapping of the highest quality
  • 5 point style strap-system harness
  • Compatible with most 5 point harness systems
  • The three shorter straps measure 7.5" each and the two longer straps measure 9.5" each (approximately) 
  • Package includes:
    • 5 Harness Straps
    • 5 Harness Clips
  • Available in
    • Black
    • Cream (Natural)
    • Red
    • Royal Blue

Protect your painted goalie mask with the Nash Pro Open Goalie Mask Harness!