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Nash-Horsehide-Pro-Goalie-blocker-Palm Horsehide-Blocker-Palm glove-repalming-vancouver goalie-blocker-repair

Nash Horsehide Pro Goalie Blocker Palm

$39.99 CAD

The Nash Horsehide Pro Goalie Blocker Palm is a premium replacement goalie blocker palm with Airknit Gussets and Thumb. With all of the "hard-work" already done, you simply need to bring this palm into your local hockey or leather shop to have it sewn onto your blocker! This top of the line blocker palm also includes padding on the back of each finger for maximum comfort between the pipes.

The horsehide palm provides that old school, super comfortable feel in your hands and finger tips. These horsehide blocker palms are extremely popular with vintage blockers like Cooper, and make a great palm for blocker refurbishing projects. Grab your Nash Horsehide Pro Goalie Blocker Palm today and make your blocker new again!

  • Made in Canada
  • Fits most makes and models of blockers
  • Especially popular in goalie blocker refurbishing projects like vintage Cooper blockers
  • Built with air knit gussets and thumb
  • Padded fingers
  • Intended for senior-sized (adult) blockers
  • Nash Model: HPB