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nami-trapper Nami Keely Junior Ringette Trapper

Nami Keely Junior Ringette Trapper

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This Nami Keely Junior Ringette Trapper is of the highest quality and craftsmanship on the market providing superior protection and comfort. When any ringette goalie is looking for new equipment, they all turn to Nami for a reason. Ringette goalies no longer have to settle for re-purposed or hockey gear, thanks to Keely Brown and Nami. Previously, you only had the option of using a hockey blocker, hockey trapper, or a regular player's glove: Nami's new Keely ringette trapper addresses the sport's unique requirements!

The white/black trapper is regular handed, meaning you wear the trapper on your left hand. Max-Performance Sports & More in Vancouver is your place to buy your new Nami Ringette Trapper today!

  • Designed and used by ringette superstar, Keely Brown.
  • Approved for use by Ringette Canada.
  • Ultra lightweight; weighs less than 500g!
  • Regular hand (trapper is worn on your left hand).
  • White/Black
  • Size: Junior

    Buy your Nami Keely Junior Ringette Trapper today in Vancouver or online and take your goaltending to the next level!