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Mohawk Mission Strung Lacrosse Head

Regular price $109.99 CAD Sale price $99.99 CAD

Mohawk Lacrosse is known for their tough and durable lacrosse heads, and the Mohawk Mission Strung Lacrosse Head is no different. Mohawk Lacrosse heads are not known for a super modern design or appeal, but are made for a more rough and physical style of game.

This Mohawk Mission head comes fully strung with a modern mesh stringing job done by the legendary Mitchell family on Cornwall Island at the home of Mohawk Lacrosse. The head features all white mesh and strings and is strung with 3-shooters straight across at the top. This pattern, along with the sweet pocket, will allow for a quick release, less whip, and in turn slightly less hold than two shooters and a U, for example. The combination of a very smooth release and no whip is often preferred by Canadian box players. This head will play great the moment you receive your new Mohawk Mission head!

Max-Performance Sports, located in Vancouver and online, is a proud authorized dealer of Mohawk Lacrosse products.

  • Genuine Mohawk Lacrosse product
  • Extremely durable
  • Wicked sidewall design
  • Professionally strung by the Mitchell family on Cornwall Island