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Max-Performance Sports Laundry Washing Strap with Sock Loop

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With our owner being a previous junior hockey player and equipment manager, we know the importance of a great Sports Laundry Washing Strap. We took it upon ourselves to not only make them, but perfect them. Simply put, if you're a sports equipment manager or in charge of team laundry, you need these Sports Laundry Washing Straps with Sock Loops. Not all laundry straps are made equal; buy the best without overspending!

Our very own Max-Performance Sports Laundry Washing Strap with Sock Loop is the best laundry washing strap on the market today. Why? Every last detail and material used on our laundry straps are of the highest quality. Each strap is made with heavy-duty polypropylene webbing, not the standard grade you'll see elsewhere. This means you'll buy fewer straps as they can take a beating and keep on holding form. Our plastic buckles are the only contoured buckles on the laundry loop market, meaning each load you wash can hold more clothing than a standard, straight buckle. Our sock loop snare is also longer than most straps, if not all, meaning you can put multiple socks in the loop per player. In addition, all of our straps are hand-sewn right here by us in Vancouver, BC, Canada and feature double-stitched premium thread. Finally, each of our laundry loops has a sewn on player tag for quick, easy, and efficient sorting. Heck, we even matched up the buckle colors to the webbing colors to prove our attention to detail!

With over 10 stock colors to choose from, you can match up to your team colors! Want a custom color combo? No problem, click here to view our custom laundry wash straps. If you're buying more than 10 of these stock laundry loops, use the coupon/promo code "WashFever" at checkout to receive an instant 10% off! Buying 15 or more of these straps? Use the coupon/promo code "WashMania" at checkout to receive an instant 15% off your straps!

Max-Performance Sports is the premier skate sharpening and accessory shop in Vancouver, BC. Recently, seeing a need in the sporting world for high quality goods, we have started manufacturing our own products. Max-Performance Sports is not a big-box store making generic items; we are athletes building proper products for fellow athletes. We know the game and aim to provide only the best Canadian made items possible. By playing the game and gaining experience over the years, we know what works and what doesn't.

  • Made in Canada.
  • Dries significantly faster than regular laundry bags.
  • Saves an immense amount of time when sorting.
  • Includes player tag with a spot for name or number to keep track of gear and clothing.
  • Contoured buckles for maximum load capacity.
  • Our sock loop/snare is longer than other straps on the market, meaning your loop can hold more socks in each load.
  • Double-stitched premium thread
  • Multiple colors available:
    • Black
    • Baby Blue
    • Green
    • Grey
    • Navy Blue
    • Orange
    • Pink 
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Royal Blue
    • White
    • Yellow