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MAX-GEL Achilles Heel Gel Pad Sleeve

Regular price $34.99 CAD Sale price $24.99 CAD

Our Max-Performance Sports MAX-GEL Achilles Heel Gel Pad Sleeve features strategically placed medical grade gel inside the sleeve to protect your heel inside your hockey skates. A thin elastic sleeve holds the medical-grade gel pad securely in place and fits easily inside your skate, shoe, or boot without adding bulk or weight. We have also designed the sleeve with anti-slip properties to provide your heel with no movement in your skates for maximum comfort and stride benefits.

Our MAX-GEL Achilles Heel Gel Pad Sleeve is ideal for people with heel discomfort including possible problems known as Bauer Bump, Pump Bump, Bones Spurs, and Hagelunds' heel. As players ourselves, we know how much pain and discomfort this conditions can cause: exactly why we have designed this sleeve to minimize this pain! The sleeve is pulled over the foot, and easily fits inside player or goalie skates.

Our sleeve is designed with premium materials to allow for a one size fits most. Our research of over 500 test customers of all different ages and genders revealed a far better fit with this system than multiple sizes.

Often times, both feet can be in pain and many customers buy two at once, we offer a large discount if buying two pads at once to help reduce costs. 1 gel sleeve is $24.99 each, or you can instantly save $10, and get two gel sleeves for $39.99 and pay no extra shipping!

  • Used from minor hockey players to beer league players up to professional players.
  • Provides an anti-slip heel lock in your skate for overall skating benefits as well as comfort
  • 100% Medical Grade Quality
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Also great for figure skates, rollerblades, skit boots, work boots, and hiking boots!
  • Fits right or left foot; simply place on your foot as shown in the illustration.
  • Sold individually (1 Achilles Heel Gel Pad Sleeve per package).
  • One size fits most

    Grab your Max-Performance Sports Achilles Heel Gel Pad Sleeve in Vancouver or online today to stay in the game longer and play in comfort!