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marsblade-r1-frames Marsblade R1 Roller Hockey Frames

Marsblade R1 Roller Hockey Frames

$249.99 CAD

The new Marsblade R1 roller hockey chassis is powered by the patented Flow Motion Technology. The Marsblades feature a unique rocker that can be customized to players skating style and improves all aspects of skating, including more power and speed, quicker turns, better grip and control.

These R1 frames are optimized for roller hockey players and the sport of roller hockey. The patented Flow Motion Technology creates a unique rocker that enable all 4-wheels to stay in contact with the surface longer to improve all aspects of skating including increased power and speed as well as better grip and control. The rocker can also be customized according to players skating style.

Max-Performance Sports is an authorized Marsblade dealer and proud to be one of the original Marsblade dealers in North America. We have installed more Marsblades than any the shop in Canada and specialize in Marsblade install and sales.

  • Save the duty and tax when buying from us in Canada!
  • Built specifically for roller hockey players.
  • This kit does not include bearings or wheels.
  • Each purchase includes:
    • Marsblade R1 Chassis x2
    • Rocker Inserts x4 pairs
    • Wheel Axles x8
    • R1 Multitool x1
    • Tech Manual/User Guide x1

          Max-Performance Sports & More is your premier source to buy the Marsblade R1 in Vancouver and one of the few retailers in Canada! Not in Vancouver? No problem, we can ship the Marsblade worldwide!