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Marsblade FE Ice Hockey Skate Holders

Regular price $399.99 CAD Sale price $279.99 CAD

Gain the advantage of the Flow Motion Technology rocker through a more efficient transition of your balance point from the center to heel with the Marsblade FE Ice Hockey Skate Holders. Enter a new level of skating precision and power to elevate your game. The Marsblade FE and our patented Flow Motion Technology is a huge step forward in performance and will change your relationship with the ice.

The Marsblade FE is engineered to allow extended blade contact with the ice surface providing quicker turns and better balance, improved glide, and increased power and speed. The Marsblade FE is designed to fit most hockey skate brands and models, coming with high quality Tydan steel. Get the advantage of our patented Flow Motion Technology now.

Why buy from us in Canada? Not only will you receive the item quickly, but you'll also save a lot of money on duty and import fees! If you're within Canada, there will no duty or import owing. If you're in the United States, you'll pay zero to little duty upon receiving your package. When buying from overseas, duty will be approximately $60-$100 upon receiving your Marsblade holders on top of the purchase price. We ship all items immediately and you'll also save money; a win-win!

  • Increased power and speed.
  • Quicker turns and better balance.
  • Improved glide.
  • Fits nearly all skate brands and models.
  • Each purchase includes:
    • 2x holders (1 left, 1 right)
    • 2x runners (1 left, 1 right)
    • 2x multi tool
    • 1x tech manual 

          Max-Performance Sports is your exclusive shop to buy the Marsblade FE Ice Hockey Holder in Vancouver and one of the few retailers in Canada! Not in Vancouver? No problem, we can ship the Marsblade worldwide!