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Maltese GPS Goalie Mask Padding Kit

$109.99 CAD

The Maltese GPS Goalie Mask Padding Kit is an elite-level helmet padding replacement kit for your goalie mask. This kit is the latest generation of GPS Mask Padding Kit and was released in 2016. These exact kits are used by Olympian and NHL All-Star goaltender, Jonas Hiller!

This new kit consists of strips of the legendary Maltese Gel in a configuration suitable for the vast majority of masks on the market today. This GPS padding kit features military grade gel 3/8" thick, which is suitable for most Bauer, CCM, and Eddie goalie masks. It also includes equivalent length 1/8" strips to help shore up the fitment of your mask and really give you the custom fit you desire. The strips themselves have a pressure sensitive adhesive already adhered to the back of them for test fitting purposes to get your alignment the way you want. Glue is not included with each purchase, but we suggest LePage Contact Cement.

The kit also includes an optional purchase of a chin cling, which replaces your existing chin cup. We suggest using your existing mask hardware to mount the sling. Some goalies have opted to also bolster this arrangement with washers sourced from their local hardware store to prevent tearing. 

  • Made in the USA.
  • Optional goalie sling to replace your old-school chin cup.
  • Used by numerous NHL goalies such as Jonas Hiller (Olympian  & NHL All-Star).
  • Professional installation services available in-store.
  • Each Maltese GPS Goalie Mask Padding Kit includes:
    • 1- 1 X 6" Strip (3/8" and 1/8")
    • 2- 1 X 4" Strips (3/8" and 1/8")
    • 3- 1 X 5" Strips (3/8" and 1/8")
    • 4- 1 X 3" Strips (3/8" and 1/8") 
    • 6- 1 X 2" Strips (3/8" and 1/8") 
    • 1- 1 X 12" Strip (3/8" and 1/8") 
    • 1- Installation Instructions
    • 1- Chin Sling (1/4" thickness) - Optional
  • All lengths are approximate (slightly smaller as the water-jet machine eats a bit of material during production).
  • Does not include retail header card (cardboard at the top of plastic bag).


Max-Performance Sports is a proud authorized dealer of Maltese Sports hockey products. Grab your Maltese GPS Goalie Mask Padding Kit today in Vancouver or online!