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Jimalax Lacrosse Prime Mesh Complete Stringing Kit

$28.99 CAD

The Jimalax Lacrosse Prime Mesh Complete Stringing Kit is perhaps the best, if not up there, mesh on the lacrosse market today. Jimalax's "X-Weave" makes it tighter and gives it more texture than any other mesh, and each part of the kit is here to elevate your game. PRIME Mesh and PRIME Strings are specifically engineered to complement and enhance each other’s performance, and work together to create a cutting-edge pocket that will excel in any situation or environment.

  • Tighter weave. More texture. Less bagging.
  • All new crossover weave keeps the mesh tight.
  • Prevents your pocket from bagging out over time.
  • Hydrophobic yarns make the mesh weatherproof.
  • Prime Complete Kit includes:
    • 1x PRIME Mesh featuring X-Weave
    • 5x PRIME Sidewall Strings
    • 3x PRIME Shooting Laces
    • 2x PRIME Shooting Strings
    • 1x Self-tapping screw