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Jimalax Jimawax Lacrosse Mesh

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All of our Jimalax Jimawax Lacrosse Mesh are made in the JimaLab using their "2.0" wax, their newest and best wax formula to date. Originally released in November of 2011, Jimalax been tweaking, and constantly improving JimaWax (also known as JimaWax!) into what it is now, which is, quite simply, one of the best lacrosse mesh out there. They have completely revamped both their proprietary wax formula and manufacturing process to bring to you a mesh that breaks in immediately, holds its pocket, and is waterproof. Whereas other wax meshes are simply coated in wax, the wax formula of JimaWax mesh is infused into the fibers to deliver these crazy wicked results. This results in a mesh that isn't sticky or flakey, just one that offers peak performance anytime, anywhere, in any weather.

Please note that the JimaWAX! process does cause colors to be a little darker than usual, especially regarding dark-to-begin-with colors like forest green and navy blue.

Max-Performance Sports, located in Vancouver and online, is a proud authorized dealer of Jimalax Lacrosse products.

  • Genuine Jimalax Jimawax mesh
  • Lightweight, durable, and waterproof
  • Pocket will not bag out
  • Mesh breaks in immediately
  • Solid color