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Howies Hockey Tape Wax Pack

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When you hear Howies tape and wax, you know it means instant quality. This Howies Hockey Tape Wax Pack, which includes Howies tape and wax, lives up to that expectation of quality and performance! Each pack contains 1 tin of Howies Stick Wax, 3 rolls of Howies clear shin pad tape (sock tape), and your choice of Howies black or white cloth stick tape (2 rolls). In total, each Howies Hockey Tape Wax Pack includes 1 tin of wax and 5 rolls of tape.

Howies Hockey Stick Wax, which includes the tin case, is the perfect solution for players looking to get the most out of their game. Howies wax will help prevent the build-up of snow and ice on your hockey blade, while also prolonging the life of your hockey tape. 

Howies clear sock tape, also known as shin pad tape, is of the highest quality in the game today. The high-grade polyethylene conforms to your shin guard for maximum comfort and keeps your shin pads in place! Howies cloth stick tape is constructed of premier woven poly-cotton cloth and natural rubber adhesive, and is no surprise that the tape is used by countless professionals across world. In addition to offering great puck feel and grip, Howies stick tape also offers water-resistant fabric that fights of snow, ice and water build-up

Max-Performance Sports carries a full line-up of Howies tape and wax in our Vancouver, BC store and online. We our proud to offer Howies Hockey tape right here in Vancouver!

  • Howies Hockey Tape Wax Pack includes 1 tin of wax and 5 rolls of tape total!
  • Howies wax smells incredible, but do not eat!
  • Made in Michigan, USA
  • Wax and Tape Sizes:
    • Wax: 2.8oz (80g)
    • Clear Tape: 1" x 25 YD (24mm x 22.8m)
    • Black Tape: 1" x 20 YD (24mm x 18.2m)
    • White Tape: 1" x 20 YD (24mm x 18.2m)
  • Your choice of:
    • 1x Wax, 2x Rolls of Black Cloth Tape, and 3x Rolls of Clear Sock Tape OR
    • 1x Wax, 2x Rolls of White Cloth Tape, 3x Rolls of Clear Sock Tape