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Hockey Stickhandling Attack Triangle Training Aid

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The Hockey Stickhandling Attack Triangle Training Aid is designed to give your training a whole new dimension. Whether you're working skill development sessions on the ice or at home training, the hockey attack triangle can help elevate your game. You now have the option to choose between 1 stick and 2 sticks per attack triangle!

Designed to play like the specific area between a player's stick and skates, the Attack Triangle allows you to stickhandle in and around the obstruction to simulate a game experience. This will allow you to practice the type of moves you may need to make when you are facing a real defender on the in a similar situation.

  • Pro model.
  • Can be used on and off the ice.
  • 3D obstacle replicates the skates & stick of an opponent.
  • Promotes ice level understanding of puck movement.
  • Provides a realistic obstacle to develop fast hands and slick stick moves.
  • Retail boxed.
  • Two options for the amount of sticks per triangle:
    • 1 Stick
    • 2 Sticks

Grab your hockey stickhandling attack triangle training aid and take your game to the next level!