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Hockey Skates Custom Contouring

$50.00 CAD

At Max-Performance Sports, we take skate contouring and performance to a whole new level. Whether you are in Vancouver or elsewhere, you can now experience the difference in your game. You can read more about our custom contouring in full, but essentially, a custom contouring shapes your steel and changes how much (or less) steel is touching the ice at any given time. So, whether you want to be more agile, have better glide, better balance, or skate with less fatigue, we can tweak your skates to perform any of those goals! If you're in Vancouver, you can drop your skates off to us and we will walk you through everything. If you're buying new runners from us or sending us your existing steel blades, we will call you after purchase to discuss in detail (your sharpening preference, pitch preference, etc). If it sounds complicated, don't worry, it's not; while contouring itself is a science to do it well, we make it easy on you and supply all the tools, knowledge, and anything else you might need.

Every day, we see people driving in from a far distance or mailing us their blades to us to service their skates, and each it's a pleasure to work on each pair! For those outside of our shop area who cannot drive, send us your skates or runners (steel blades) and we will ship them back same business day. Whether it's one pair or a team, we are more than happy to look after you. If you're mailing us your skates for our custom contouring, it's best if you just send us your runners (blades) and not the entire skates; this will save you big on shipping cost. Must be sent via Canada Post or USPS.

Using the top of the line equipment, our staff is fully Blademaster and ProSharp Certified to keep your edges crisp and level. Each and every pair that comes through our door is treated like it's our own, which results in you getting a world class custom contouring followed by the perfect skate sharpening. For our custom contouring, we use a top of the line ProSharp AS-2001 model with a ton of custom contouring options to choose from. Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks are just two of the many NHL players using a ProSharp custom contouring on their blades! After the custom contouring, we precision sharpen your skates by hand and never by machine.