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Hockey Canada Knee Hockey Speed Balls

$9.99 CAD

Keeping your eye on the ball during your floor or knee hockey games is a whole lot easier with the Hockey Canada Knee Hockey Speed Balls. The four balls in this value pack are a vibrant yellow colour, making them very easy to spot and track. For durability and performance, the balls feature a speed foam layer over a soft inner core.

  • Slick outer surface coating helps ball slide on carpet for lightning quick stick handling and release.
  • Speed Layer helps stick handling and consistent ball flight on hard shots.
  • Soft Foam inner core to protect your face and valuables.
  • Super Bright Optic-Yellow finish to enhance ball vision at high speeds.
  • Sold as 4 pack

Get your Hockey Canada Knee Hockey Speed Balls online today or at our store located in Vancouver!

      The Biscuit that started it all! And still the best off-ice puck to practice your stickhandling and passing.

      Slides effortlessly on virtually any rough surface so you can play on driveways, parking lots, streets, basements, tennis courts, etc.

      • Stays flat ‰ÛÒ won‰۪t tumble or flip over
      • Plays on the street like a real puck on ice!
      • Ideal for beginners up to pros
      • Makes playing and training convenient and fun
      • Great for street, roller or recreational hockey and off-ice training
      • Helps develop confidence and improve the three primary stickhandling skills: one-touch passing, toe-drags, and saucer passes
      • For passing andåÊstick handlingåÊpractice only. Do not use foråÊshooting practice.\