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Goalie Blocker and Trapper Puck Mark Removal Service

Regular price $39.99 CAD Sale price $19.99 CAD

Make your gear puck free and new looking again with our goalie blocker and trapper puck mark removal service! This service will take advantage of cost savings and have both your blocker and trapper done at once. This ridiculously great price includes all product and labour done by our professional technicians to have your gear looking great. The service does absolutely zero damage to your gear and will actually condition your blocker or trapper to make them last longer.

Our goalie puck mark removal service is guaranteed to make your blocker and trapper look better and fresher. Our before and after photos are edited free; this is the real deal, goalies. As you can see, we cannot get too close to the lettering or branding on your equipment as it can easily be removed. Click here to get your goalie pads done as well!

Ship us your gear or stop in to our Vancouver store to use our goalie blocker and trapper puck mark removal service!