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fresh-mitts-after-sport-deodorizer how-to-get-rid-of-hockey-hands-smell

Fresh Mitts After Sport Hand Deodorizer

$14.99 CAD
Fresh Mitts After Sport Hand Deodorizer aims and destroys smelly hands post-game after wearing your stinky gloves. Any athlete who wears gloves, whether it's hockey gloves or boxing gloves, knows first-hand (pun-intended) how nasty your hands smell even after showering. Fresh Mitts was developed over a year of testing and R&D in partnership with a Canadian laboratory to do more than simply mask the odor with a stronger scent. It works to dig deep and kill the odor-causing bacteria in order to eliminate the nasty smells gloves leave behind. 
  • Eliminates "hockey hands" smells after wearing your gloves!
  • Kills bacteria
  • Fast drying and anti-grease formula
  • 100 mL Jar


Grab your jar of Fresh Mitts After Sport Hand Deodorizer and eliminate hockey hands once and for all!