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Flare Skate Blade Runners for Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Edge

$189.99 CAD

Flare Skate Blades deliver tighter turns, faster glide, and more control and these Flare Skate Blade runners are designed to fit seamlessly into Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holders. An independent study conducted by the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Calgary sought to investigate the difference in performance of the Flare Skate Blade versus traditional skate blades, focusing on friction, acceleration, speed, glide, and turns. The Results?

  • Flare Skate Blades reduced friction by 20.6% versus standard skate blades!
  • Average performance was increased in every agility test (acceleration, maximum speed, and glide turns), and individual improvement was as high as 5.6%!
  • After 5 weeks of testing, all subjects preferred the Flare Skate Blade to their original blades, and all said they would buy the Flare Skate Blade over traditional skate blades.

Flare Skate Blades do not require more or less sharpening than traditional blades. As with traditional blades, the amount of sharpening will depend on the intensity and frequency of use, and will be a matter of personal preference. Although individual use varies, recreational players who have switched over to Flare Skate Blades have reported their blades require less sharpening than their previous traditional blades. This can save you valuable money! Because the angle increases the width of the blades at the bottom, we suggest the hollow be adjusted to ensure you experience the same ease of use with your new Flare Skate Blades.

  • Flare Skate Blades are crafted in Canada from the finest Swedish steel.
  • Sold as a pair (each purchase includes two blades).
    • Holders not included; photo of holder for reference only.
  • Compatible with:
    • Bauer Lightspeed Edge Skate Holders
    • Will only fit Bauer holders with the "trigger" button

    Feel the bite and increased performance of Flare Skate Blades and buy your pair today in Vancouver or online today!