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Edge Again Manual Goalie Skate Sharpener

Regular price $54.99 CAD Sale price $44.99 CAD

The Edge Again manual goalie sharpener is a non-motorized hockey skate sharpening device that sharpens all four sides to restore two perfect edges. Simple to use but highly-effective with it's patent-pending Diamond Tusk Technology makes this invaluable to any hockey bench. Perfect for games and practices alike, this device will ensure every goalie has maximum mobility with sharp, well-maintained edges! The Edge Again process does not effect the hollow or the contour of the blade that were created with a conventional skate sharpening machine. It was designed by former NHL player, Chris Kontos, and is widely used across the NHL and minor hockey associations worldwide. Price includes the device itself and one Diamond Coated Tusk. Note: Some manufacturers of their high end goalie skates now use Player blades which are thinner. If your blades are 3mm instead of 4mm then you can use our player unit with player tusks.

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