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Eagle Hockey Extended Bicep Pads

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Eagle Hockey Extended Bicep Pads add extra protection to your biceps and forearms out on the ice. The pad is easily attached almost any shoulder pad, adding invaluable extra padding from those nasty crosschecks and hacks. Built with premium high-density padding to give you the utmost protection and comfort.

The Eagle Hockey Extended Bicep Pads areeasy to install yourself at home by hand or sewing machine. If neither option is available, you can bring to your local seamstress or sewing shop for an install (which is just basic sewing, should not cost much at all). Simply to install, yet highly effective and can save you a lot of pain!

  • Includes two pads
  • Made in Canada
  • Fits nearly all make and models of shoulder pads or even goalie chest protectors
  • Molded extension bicep pad
  • Construction of high density foam and easy to mold
  • Built to extend shoulder bicep to cover top of the elbow
  • Gap filler for more protection
  • Use the Speedy Stitcher Awl for a quick and effective install
  • NOTE: the back of the pads are red/orange, not grey as pictured.