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Clay Honing Stone for Hockey Blacksteel Runners

$19.99 CAD

The Clay Honing Stone for Hockey Blacksteel Runners is a skate stone specially created for DLC and polished steel that won't ruin the finish. These honing stones allow a player, coach, parent, or trainer to remove burrs from their skate blades without taking off the valuable finish on these blades.

Max-Performance Sports is the premier skate sharpening and accessory shop in Vancouver, BC. We've sharpened over 500,000 pairs of skates and know what works and what doesn't' when it comes to skate tools and repair.

  • Wipe the burrs right off your steel.
  • Won't ruin your black steel or polished steel finish.
  • Rubber based.
  • Gives your blades a nice smooth finish!

Grab your blacksteel skate honing stone in Vancouver or online today!