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Captodor Odor Destroyer Toiletry Kit

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This wicked Captodor Odor Destroyer Toiletry Kit includes Captodor's best selling products all in one convienent kit. The Captodor Toiletry Kit keeps all of your toiletry items secure and protected from spilling inside an equipment bag or suitcase. This toiletry kit is great for on the roads whether it's for a tournament, road trip, or work trip. The handy kit includes Captodor Hand Hydro-Gel, Shower Gel, and Sport Gear Odor Spray.

Captodor Hand purifying hydro-gel is your solution to remove odors left on the hands by sport gloves (hockey, soccer, baseball, football, golf). Its convenient size means that you can easily carry the bottle with you in yours sports bag, backpack or lunch bag for use anytime.

Captodor Shower Gel can be used to clean the body and face, and as a shampoo. Its unique formula provides you with an overwhelming sense of well-being, thanks to its emollient and moisturizing properties. Developed for daily use, its moisturizing and hydrating properties nourish skin. Captodor Shower Gel eliminates odors caused by exercise and sports and is pH balanced for healthy skin.

Captodor Sport Gear Odor Spray is a Triple Action biotechnological product developed specifically to destroy odors impregnated in sports gear. It fights odors at the source and its pleasant perfume provides an instant freshness.

  • Each Captodor Toiletry Kit includes: 
    • 1x Toiletry Kit Bag/Case
    • 1x Captodor Odor Destroyer Spray (240ml)
    • 1x Captodor Ultra Shower Gel (400ml)
    • 1x Captodor Hand Purifying Hydro-Gel (90ml)