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ButtEndz Paradox Lacrosse Stick Grip

$14.99 CAD

ButtEndz are elite cutting edge lacrosse stick grips and the Buttendz Paradox is the newest product in the Buttendz lineup. Max-Performance Sports & More is your exclusive dealer of ButtEndz in Vancouver, so pop by the shop to feel the difference today or shop online!

Designed for competitive Lacrosse players of all levels from minor lacrosse to professional lacrosse, the Buttendz Paradox brings all the benefits of the Buttendz grip to the game of Lacrosse. Built with a capped knob to meet US Lacrosse regulations, the Buttendz Paradox provides a smooth and durable grip that immediately upgrades your scoring weapon! Each package contains 1 pre-filled adhesive spray bottle for application, and fits all sizes of lacrosse sticks. In addition to its sleek style, the two-color Buttendz is composed of 100% Natural Rubber; bringing an end to abrasive, inconsistent, soggy tape. Buttendz proprietary application process makes it easy to apply, and the grips are also reusable! Experience the Buttendz Difference:
  • Enhanced feel when cradling & handling the ball.
  • A consistent feel for your bottom hand, every time.
  • An enhanced grip on your stick; promoting harder, more accurate shots.
  • Reduced vibration when receiving passes.
  • Reduced wear to the palms of your gloves, saving you money!

    Grab your ButtEndz Paradox Lacrosse Stick Grip in our Vancouver store or shop online today to be one of the first in North America to own a Buttendz Paradox!