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Blue Sports One Timer Passing Rebounder

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The Blue Sports One Timer Passing Rebounder is a revolutionary hockey skill building tool that attaches to any shooting board, skill pad, or synthetic ice in 30 seconds or less to work on your passing game. The Blue Sports One Timer Passing Rebounder is perfect for any player looking for skill building training aids to take their game to the next level. It allows you to practice your passing, stick handling, and one-timers all with this incredibly useful and efficient innovation, the OneTimer Passing Rebounder from Blue Sports.

This awesome training device works on any off-ice shooting board and takes seconds to install. Simply fasten the OneTimer with the two included screws onto the shooting board and you can begin practicing taking one timers, giving accurate passes, and softly catching the return passes to work on your silky smooth hands. If you don't have tiles or a shooting board, you can simply just put a heavy object on top of it to keep it in place on your driveway, for example.

  • Allows the user to simulate game situation passing skills.
  • Develop soft and quick hands for receiving a pass.
  • Easily attaches to hockey shooting pads or hockey floor tiles.
  • Great for practicing one-timers.
  • Includes 2 self taping screws for easy attachment to hockey floor tiles or hockey shooting pads.