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Bladetech DLC Blacksteel Bauer Edge Runners

$199.99 CAD

The Bladetech DLC Blacksteel Bauer Edge Runners feature Flex Force Technology, which makes Bladetech unlike any other replacement steel on the market. Flex Force Technology provides hockey players with both performance and health benefits. The runner has a unique design where the blade flexes up into the holder, absorbing and storing the vertical energy before exploding it back out during the stride extension.

This new technology increases player speed and acceleration, as well as absorbs vertical energy that would normally be absorbed by the knee joint. This ultimately reduces stress on the knees while increasing the efficiency of each stride, slowing down player fatigue.

Bladetech only uses the highest quality of steel and finished the DLC surface with Carbon, which makes the steel even harder and stronger than traditional high polished steel. Carbon-coated steel will give players more bite without sacrificing glide, a longer sharpening life, and more resistance to chips and nicks from the battles of the game.

  • Steel Grade: Premium-grade
  • Surface Finish: DLC
  • Premium steel that is stronger and harder than traditional steel
  • Provides better bite, longer sharpening life, and resists chips/nicks
  • Steel Height: 20mm
  • Built with Flex Force Technology that allows the toe of the steel to flex up into the holder
  • Reduces stress on the knee and player fatigue
  • Increases player speed by an average of 5% and maximizes acceleration
  • Stock Radius: 10 ft.
  • Will only fit Bauer Lightspeed Edge holders with the quick release triggers.
  • Includes: Complete 1 set of runners (left and right)

Buy your Bladetech AfterBurner Lightspeed Edge Black Steel Runners today online or at our store located in Vancouver!