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Bladetape Hockey Tape

$17.99 CAD

BladeTape is a revolutionary, patented lightweight alternative to traditional cloth hockey stick tape. BladeTape utilizes a rubber surface material with simple peel 'n' stick technology that easily applies to both the front and back faces of your hockey stick blade.

BladeTape hockey stick tape offers a variety of advantages over traditional cloth hockey tape.These BladeTape grip pads offer players better grip on the puck with the specifically engineered rubber ridge pattern and they prevent snow or ice buildup on the blade. When traditional cloth hockey tape begins to retain water and ice, it weighs about twice as much as BladeTape (Wet Cloth Tape = 40-45 grams // Wet BladeTape = 18 grams).

In a single package, players receive forehand and backhand BladeTape peel and stick pads that last a minimum of 15 games but many people claim it lasts much longer. The design strategically leaves the bottom edge of the blade bare allowing the blade to glide much easier on the ice or a roller hockey surface, which improves stickhandling speeds. The rubber construction also gives the blade a better puck feel for catching passes and dangling! Application is a breeze, simply peel off the backing paper by using the pull tab and apply it to a clean, dry blade about 1/8" from the bottom. Give it a good pat down and you're ready to hit the rink! The additional TipTape Strips use the same process but can be used on the tip of the blade for better durability and grip on toe-drags or they can be used on the upper handle for hand-grip.

  • The next generation of hockey tape
  • Better grip on puck
  • Super light weight
  • Durable-outlasts conventional tape
  • Repels water-no snow / ice build up
  • Quick & easy to apply
  • Better stick handling-no friction drag